Included with the Course

What's Included with our Quickbooks Training Classes

Individual Computer and Mouse Provided during the class

Each registered student is provided an individual computer with Quickbooks and a sample practice company pre-installed, to use during the class for hands on practice.  You may choose to bring your computer if you prefer to work on yours, but unless otherwise expressed to us, we will provide computers for each attendee.  This course facilitates your learning by providing structured interaction with the software itself; and by working through common real world business scenarios and transactions. We feel that hands on training enhances the retention of the material and provides a more interactive and inclusive training experience.  Through the Hands On activities, your Intuit® Certified Quickbooks® ProAdvisor will lead you through the lessons along with detailed explanations to ensure you gain a full and complete understanding of Quickbooks® software. Questions, discussions, and participation are welcome and encouraged throughout the training course.  We strive to ensure that you leave our class fully confident and with the information and tools necessary to maintain your company's financial information with accuracy and confidence.

You can also choose to bring your own computer to the class; just let the instructor know after he/she emails your confirmation, and we will accommodate you as long as Quickbooks® is already installed on your laptop.  If you bring your own laptop, the instructor will install the sample practice company before the class starts (arrive a few minutes early) so that you may follow along with the class examples (and not create any errors or made up entries on your real company)

A few people prefer to follow along with the instructor on the overhead projector and take notes in the course-provided manual, opting not to use the computers as we go through the lessons; and that option is OK as well. You will still have the computer but you can choose how you want to learn and which option works best for you. Your instructor will provide detailed instruction and guidance as we take you through the comprehensive training manual, step by step.

Small Class Sizes

Our Hands on Quickbooks Training classes have an average of about 8 people per class and never more than 12.  If we have more than 12 registrants, we will simply and quickly add another class for your location and city.  

We believe in small class sizes so that you may obtain the best possible personal and individual attention than can be achieved in a classroom.  Smaller class sizes enable our instructors to better serve your needs and ensure that each attendee gets the guidance, instruction, and attention that your are looking for.  We encourage your questions, participation, and discussions as we move through the lessons, and strive to ensure that you leave our class with the answers you are seeking.  We do not believe in larger, seminar style, lecture only classes with 20 or more people.  Our sincerest goal is to provide you the best possible individual and personal training that can be achieved in a classroom style atmosphere.  Our instructors truly care that you obtain the best possible Quickbooks instruction and strive to ensure that you get exactly what you came for (and more).

Free Refresher Course

Free Online Class "refresher" course at any time for up to six (6) months. We offer online classes once a month and anyone who attends one of our Quickbooks classes can choose to "retake" the class free of charge for up to six (6) months after his/her original attendance.  Simply notify us by email when you would like to join the next class, we will verify your registration and payment from your previously attended class, live or online, and then send you the link to join the meeting. 

Step by Step Illustrated Guidebook

 340+ pages with easy to follow instructions for some of the most basic Quickbooks features, as well as assistance with some of the more complicated Quickbooks features.  Hand outs will also be provided for Quickbooks Shortcuts, Quickbooks' latest upgrades and features, and commonly performed mistakes and how to correct them.  All of the material provided will also be covered in detail in the class by your personal Quickbooks Trainer. (note: this workbook will be provided via email in PDF format for you to print whenever or however you wish and will be provided approximately 1 week before your class begins.)

Guaranteed Intuit Certified ProAdvisors

All of our instructors must pass a series of tests each year by Intuit, the makers of Quickbooks, and obtain official Intuit Certified ProAdvisor status before they are allowed to instruct a class and lead one of our nationally proven hands-on or Online classes. (All of our instructors are also certified in Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Premier, Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions, and Advanced Quickbooks). These Certifications are always current and up-to-date to ensure their product knowledge, and to assure you that you will receive the best possible Quickbooks training during one of our courses.  If, after your class, you find that your instructor was not an "official certified ProAdvisor by Intuit", and also certified in the most up to date version of the Quickbooks software, you are entitled to a full refund of the class fees.

Certificate of Completion

Upon request, each paid for registrant will receive a Certficate of Completion by Business Training Enterprises, Inc. and signed by your Intuit Certified ProAdvisor after completing the course.

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